5 minute forex trading strategy


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I have written about strategies but this one is so hard to reduce to a formula. For instance, I will trade gold off of the petroleum stocks report if there has been a sufficient run measured by rsi and has had a pullback. I look at the longer term charts and determine where the underfunded accounts have their stops and where those that have good profits would exit.

If they coincide then I will place my order. I also use tick volume for a filter before placing trades. I will use size of range in the forex as a pseudo-indicator for volume. That is only 1 example of many that give a set-up. Then the exits are variable depending on how the market reacts when it hits my entry price. I trade with the trend many times but prefer to trade a rejection of a continuation as that is usually a trap for inexperienced traders and a good profit point for the profitable ones.

I have probably rambled on enough but as you see the plan is somewhat incoherent, but profitable. I think most trade the 5. I think the inexperienced are also the underfunded.

Likewise, those who initiated early and rode it to the same resistance point are happy to lock in some profit. I place my entry where I think their stops are. Then I exit as I basically outlined in the previous post. Trading off of 5 minute charts Trading Systems.

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Not to bgrag but i just had a lot of fun. TheRumpledOne May 24, , pm Is your method mechanical or discretionary? Leo you had a losing day must have been a Friday or Sunday.

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TheRumpledOne May 31, , pm The strategy was executed as follows:. Now, we followed the strategy. We enter a short position when the price moves below the 20 EMA and the MACD has been negative within the last 25 minutes or five bars. Afterward, apply the following rules:. The price movement and MACD crossing didn't occur simultaneously at first, so we had to follow the chart closely. The currency traded below the 20 EMA beforehand, and we waited for 25 minutes until the MACD crossed to negative when the price moved to 0.

Forex 5 Minute Scalping Strategy - Introduction | TraderRach

Let's implement the strategy step by step. Enter a short position by following the strategy:. This strategy allows traders to gain profits from reversal movements. However, while both indicators reinforce each other, the signal given is not always correct. During an uncertain period in the market, the price may simply fluctuate around the 20 EMA while the MACD alternately turns positive and negative, leading to false signals. This is because the trading ranges are either too tight or too wide.

Currency pairs with a wide range of movement can expose the flaw of this strategy, causing the stop to be hit earlier than the target.

Access the Trader Toolbox (free!) and get updates fast-tracked to you

We entered a short position at The initial target was the entry price minus 30 pips, which was The pair continued to move downside and hit our initial target. But the movement didn't continue and caused our remaining position to be closed at the breakeven level, which was set right at the entry level around The outcome was therefore at an impasse if we didn't count the spread. The 5-minute trading strategy with EMA provides an opportunity for traders to profit on a short burst of momentum.

The strategy guides traders to open and close positions at the best possible time. With the help of risk management tools stop loss and trailing stop momentum traders can stay on the trends as long as possible with minimal risks as the profit is already protected. Just keep in mind that this strategy has its flaws too and in the end, the market condition is the one dictating the results. The Setup This is a momentum strategy that aims to gain profits from changes in trend direction.

Set the initial stop loss 20 pips below the period EMA. Alternatively, we can set the initial stop loss at the lowest low on the chart for more aggressive trades. Set the first target and make sure that it is bigger than 20 pips. Close half the position when the first target is reached and move the stop loss to breakeven. Trail the stop by the breakeven point or at 15 pips below the 20 EMA; whichever is higher. The strategy was executed as follows: We entered a trade at 1. Set the initial stop loss 20 pips below the EMA, which was 1.

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  7. Our first target was the entry 1. After that, we proceed to move the stop loss to breakeven. We trailed the remaining half by the 20 EMA minus 15 pips. The remaining half was later closed at 1.

    101# 5 min Trading System

    Open trade at 0. The initial stop loss was set at 20 pips below the EMA, which was 0. The target for the first half was 0. Then we moved the stop loss to breakeven. The second half of the position was trailed by 15 pips below the 20 EMA, and was eventually closed at 0.

    Afterward, apply the following rules: Open a sell position 10 pips below the 20 EMA. Set the initial stop loss 20 pips above the 20 EMA, or at the highest high on the chart for riskier trades.