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As you already informed that UFX never, charge deposit, fees, and third-party deposits are not allowed with this broker.

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If you have made the initial deposit with a credit card, then you can only get a withdrawal from the credit card that used for the original payment with the UFX platform. On the other side, if you have made an initial deposit through bank wire transfer, the UFX will send the withdrawal to the account that was used for the initial transfer originated. Six categories are offered from UFX to its customer's financial instruments to trade:. According to the UFX markets review, it has loads of currencies, and similarly, it has cryptocurrencies on a broad array:.

Well, some well-known companies are;. On each instrument, UFX receives its compensation in the form of the market spreads. Instead, it evades the trades that it makes with the customers right away in the marketplace. Fixed and stable spreads are offered with UFX broker.

Forex Peace Army Ufx

The ranges for trading vary by the particular financial instruments that are traded as well as the platform for trading. Here are the spreads for the most used instruments by asset classes. For custom spreads, you should contact Customer Support if you are a trader. In particular regions, some currencies and commodities might not be available. No doubt it is uncommon, UFX spreads might vary during conditions of extreme trading or non-trading hours.

On the platform of the relevant spreads, UFX will notify you, if you try to trade in these conditions.


Commissions: Only for each instrument spread on trades, UFX does not charge commissions. Overnight Financing Charges: When a position remains open for a specific time, the overnight fee is added or subtracted from the account of the trader. Slippage: Slippage is a regular market practice as UFX review informs as well as it is a regular feature of the international exchange markets in conditions.

These conditions include illiquidity and volatility because of the news announcements, market openings, and economic events. However, transfer fees might be imposed on you from your banks. UFX review supports several payment methods that include transfer by credit cards, eWallets, and bank wire transfers. After our initial article where we debated is UFX trading safe or it is a scam broker, even more, people are accusing the firm. We decided to do some research and update you with the changes happening internally and externally for UFX Forex.

The complaints regarding UFX scamming its traders called for an SEC audit where a couple of accounts managers were let go. UFX com said it will not tolerate unethical behavior from its employees and will do everything necessary to clear their name. We are not sticking our hand in the fire but make sure you get in contact with a higher-up before going to so-called websites where you pay money in the hopes of recovering the money you lost from trading with the brokers believe to be a scam.

Unregulated Brokers have defrauded many Traders on numerous occasions. However, can you believe everything is available on the internet?

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  • The word scam stands for fraudulent or deceptive acts or operations. There is no doubt that some people may have encountered a scam broker when trading Forex. Unfortunately, some things take a wrong turn.

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    • It usually starts with a phone call from explaining how they could make millions in a short time through trading. Having done some more research, we discovered a person who was probably an ex-employee of the UFX trading platform made one of the reviews online. The person mentioned above started on May 6, , with a full list of employees of UFX. He provided a complete list of over 70 people from owners to regular employees.

      UFX Reviews

      It seems somewhat like an act of revenge from an ex-employee trying to harm UFX Forex. Is 70Trades a Good Forex Broker? The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with Prestige. Formerly VoltrexFX. Add your review. No rating. Is this your company? Forex Brokers. Live Discussion FX-Leader is a forex broker. FX Leader offers the Mobile forex trading platform. This company is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

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      We recommend against opening accounts I have read many stories like mine. Then , they called me and asked me to deposite money and someone would guide me and give me instructions to open and close trade and i kept adding money until i reached Dollars. I had no experince so i was following the instructions of the company agent who was calling me. Now, i believe they are the worst compay and i would do everything to get my money back. This company is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army.

      We recommend against opening accounts there.

      How can i recover my money from UFX? - Forex Brokers - Forex Trading Forum

      If you have an account there, we recommend withdrawing all of your funds immediately. Why not email them and asking for the withdrawal of your fund to your bank? Contact Us - UFX. It never stops does it. Even the damn news. If it ever does. As by myself being victimized by a scam broker I keep looking for a legit assistance and ability to get back at least part of my stolen money.