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Your one stop shop for drums and high capacity magazines. Also a complete line of semi auto parts you name it we have it. Uzi Repair Channel. The new polymer frame has an extended rail for accessories such as a weapon light or laser sight.

New Product! The Uzi Pro is a blowback-operated, select-fire, closed-bolt submachine gun with a large lower portion, comprising grip and handguard, entirely made of polymer to reduce weight; the grip section was redesigned to allow two-handed operation and facilitate control in full-automatic fire with such a small-sized firearm. Walther once again took the industry by storm with the introduction of the first polymer frame semi-auto rimfire pistol, the P This is a factory original magazine.

A heavy pistol but the weight helps balance the weapon and offers excellent stability minimizing recoil.

Extended Stock

Free shipping for many products! More Details Buy. The previous stock was the standard UZI steel side folder. We offer partial AR lower receivers, such as the G Phoenix2 and the.

Item : Z Wooden stocks are type The Uzi-Pro is a blowback-operatit, select-fire, closed-bolt submachine gun wi a lairge lawer portion, comprisin grip an handguard, entirely made o polymer tae reduce wicht; the grip section haes been redesigned tae allou twa-haundit operation an facilitate control in full-automatic fire wi sic a sma-sized fireairm.

As such, an Uzi with a 16" barrel and a qd stock does not meet the 26" overall requirements and is technically an unregistered SBR. We set ourselves apart by supplying unique parts at a good value and standing by our products by offering outstanding customer service. Featuring a storage compartment, you can still keep your cleaning kit!

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If you prefer to build your own Glock pistol or AR rifle, browse our selection of Polymer80 polymer lower receivers and pistol frame kits that are 80 percent complete. The civilian version of the Micro Uzi was called the Uzi Pistol, and it was identical minus the folding stock and the full-auto capability.

It has rails on the top and bottom, and there is an optional stabilizing brace. Unlike any other Uzi variant, the Uzi Pro pistol has a side charging handle, rather than a top charging handle, and has a three-stage safety.

Semi Auto Wood Stock Latch

SB Tactical redefined the pistol market and ignited an uprising as the inventors of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace. Sig Sauer seems poised to take over the world these days.

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With the brace in the folded position, storage space required in your safe or range bag is minimized. Now the civilian version is finally available.

Uzi - Warzone Best Loadout & Attachment Setup

The original UZI weighed in at nearly 8 pounds and measured 19 inches in length. Includes Rubber Pad. Subscribe to our mailing list for Discount Codes and Product News. A Semiauto SubGun? Show all images. Download Catalog. Uzi Front Sling Swivel. An Uzi submachine gun with a double-articulated folding stock.

uzi pro foregrip

Foam Covering Cheek Weld. We are big fans of roller lock firearms and have worked to expand new models and import classic designs as well as military surplus items. No: Gen4 Stab.