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Above: The initial bearish breakout is completely wiped out, and the market actually rallied in the opposite direction for days later. With stops being triggered, there is now less resistance for the market to move in the opposite direction due to an influx of closing trades. If you want you can trade the Asia fakeout directly, or utilize an extension of this setup — which I call the breakout trap and reverse Forex setup. Breakout trap and reverse moves can be violently explosive and give you very high return on investment.

Forex Price Action Trading Lessons

But you will need to hold onto them to milk them for what they are worth. Next time you see an Asia breakout occur, watch the price action at the London open to see what happens. You should be able to go to the chart now and apply these concepts immediately. If you really enjoyed the strategies and concepts shown in the article today and are hungry for more — then you are invited to check out all the other price action articles , lessons, and video trade tutorials on my site.

I am sure you will find them just as insightful. I recommend my big price action strategy guide. Going beyond that, I do have a price action war room that I offer for serious traders only. Without giving a sales pitch, it consists of:.

To become a master of price action - get your charts naked!

Again I hope you walk away from the lesson today, feeling empowered to master Forex price action. Hi Dale, first I would like to thank and congratulate you on the fantastic articles on price trading, each article is a gem in itself, after reading support and resistance article I realised how to draw a simple but a powerful horizontal line which will re-define the way it will increase our confidence and shape our trades, hats off to you. If i keep reading your articles I might understand it one day. I really need some one to help on an actual trade Still I read.

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I only use trends on a unfussy chart and just trade 5 To 15 minutes. I just break even. I breathe a sigh of relief every time I read one of these. I reminds me of the value of the basics. Thank you again. Thank you very much with this info Dale, i really appreciate your work for us. Now i know more about where and where to enter a trade and why. I thank you very much sir.

Price Action Trading Guide for Forex Traders - Forex Training Group

Thank you for the technic. It help me a lot in my trading but little bit confuse and always fall down into breakout trap. Is it I need to wait daily breakout candle closed 1st then i put my order? Need your help on this issue.

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Dear Dale, Thank you for the file , i will read it carefully and again thank you for your support Regards. Really summarizes all my 15 years forex trading bitter experience. Thank you for giving me in point form. Im a price action trader and i love your post sir. Thank you so much for this post! This is one of the best article I ever read in recent times Keep up the good job Kudos.

An excellent article Dale…. Thank you very much for motivating and guiding us…. Hi Dale Do you think your strtegy can work with breakout of a doji candlestick that form near Bollinger outerbands on weekly chart? Thanks Muamba. Hey im pursuing into getting my feet wet in trading, but before i actually start trading my real money, i want learn more..

Nothing new but alot of great reminders still. This is a really powerful strategy.

Live Forex Price Action Trade Setups Commentary

Thanks so much for setting it out the way you did, it made it really interesting and easy to understand. This articles was very informative and detailed. I hope that I can learn more and do you have any books to recommend? Dale, am enjoying you; please do more articles on forex trading. This your article is a brakethrough for people like me who are not experts at forex trading.

Thanks Mate,your article just makes trading forex more interesting and exciting. Gives me that confidence to approach forex from a different perspective. Too good you are!!! First i would like to thank you for your website very informative.. I only have few months on live account, I need you to help me to enhance my skills. Very insightful lesson indeed, thank you… I have learnt a lot from you and your videos on utube have proven to be of great help and benefit.. Highly recommend any trader that wants to learn forex-trading to follow your lessons and thought process….

Your strategy is easy to understand as it is basically a common sense approach. Im looking forward to learning more from you best regards mathew. This was awesome, and I am starving for more. Thanks a lot for sharing. That was a fantastic article to read. Many thanks. What are your thoughts on the future of forex trading? With trading AI becoming prominent, how do you think us individual traders will fare? Do you think ultra fast trading AI will render markets too choppy and unpredictable to trade in?

What is a Price Action Indicator?

Your feedback is much appreciated! Algos can create noise, but usually only short term. Remember there are algos for fast scalping, but also for trend trading. Swing trading will be ok, because we are working with the bigger data. Hi this is damn good information and very helpful. Just starting off in the forex and hope to get mentorship from your articles.

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