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Inspiring images and motivational phrases complete a personal desktop and create a stimulating work or playing environment. Protecting the base of a computer mouse with a mat is indeed the best way to keep away the dust and dirt. This makes all cursor movements flawless , from scrolling up and down to zooming in and out on the computer screen as you surf the Internet or play games.

Each time you click to open a program , personalised mouse mats bring pleasant memories and funny ideas to your mind. Spending long hours at the computer is strenuous both for hands and wrists. On the long run, exposing your fingers to bad posture can end up causing arthritis and hand pain. Ergonomics play an important role in making work easier. Indeed, the comfortable surface of personalised mouse mats offers a rest for your hands by making the cursor be more responsive.

Mouse pads have traditionally been square. But, who says it needs to stay like that? Custom mouse pads are unique , refreshingly unusual and mold breaking. On myphotobook's online shop you will find a choice of six different shapes , from heart-shaped mouse mats , to oval ones, cloud-shaped models, ergonomic mouse pads , XXL size mats and certainly the standard format.

Who says practical can’t be beautiful?

Any images that you use for making personalised mouse pads can be printed in a vertical or horizontal position. Dye-sublimation printing on a silk-matte rubber surface is the key to delivering rich colours with great depth. This makes it possible to print high-quality images and photos with top definition.

If instead of using a joystick , you like to play computer games with your mouse , a personalised gaming mousepad offers you space for printing your own avatar or favourite anime character who acts as your alter-ego. Combined with some witty or quirky phrase , it will manage to impress your fellow gamers. These are some examples of texts that can be printed on the surface of personalised mouse mats for gamers, computer geeks and nerds :.

As you start to make your own mouse mat online , keep in mind that about 2 milimeters will be cut off around the edges of the mat.

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For this reason, important details should be avoided near the border of the picture. Showcase 9 of your favourite photos with this peek-through collage cover. Opt for a traditional look with our classic Wall Calendar. Please note: this is our registered company address, and should not be used for returns or customer support enquiries. See all Photo Books. See all Photo Prints. See all Photo Gifts. See all Canvas Prints. See all Wall Art. See all Personalised Photo Mugs.

See all Personalised Photo Cases. Now a days mice track using either optical or laser sensors.

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Both optical and laser mice function very similar. They shine a light onto a surface and measure the reflection. An optical sensor typically uses an infrared LED. A laser mouse uses a laser. Both types of sensors use a complementary metal oxide semiconductor CMOS to record the light reflection. The type of sensor that is best for your needs depends on the tracking surface, DPI and polling rate preferences.

Optical mice work best on non-glossy surfaces. Mouse pads and mat desktop surfaces work best.

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Advances in LED technology is however making optical mice better for more surfaces. Laser mice can be used on almost any surface. The laser sensor penetrates deeper into surfaces than optical versions. Making them better on a wider range of surfaces. However because the laser sensors pick up more detail. They are susceptible to being inaccurate. These inaccuracies are most obvious between high and low speed.

The Dots per inch or DPI is a measurement for sensitivity to movement. A higher DPI and your cursor will move further on your screen for the same movement. Laser mice are typically available with a higher DPI. With high quality CMOS sensors available on most high end mice.

A look at Artisan Mouse Pads with Tech Yes City

DPI has very little influence on tracking inaccuracies. The DPI you choose is mostly personal preference. A good place to start is DPI. This will give you top to bottom screen movement for 1 inch or 2. A polling rate of Hz means a mouse is sending its position to your computer times per second.

The Logitech G mechanical keyboard. The Logitech G Mouse is a perfect companion to the G keyboard. Designed principally as a gaming mouse. The Logitech G includes six top of the line buttons.

Forex gift Mousepad

Two conventional left and right buttons positioned on top. The toggle wheel. Two auxiliary buttons on the side and one behind the toggle wheel for sensor settings. One of the stand out features of this mouse is the sensor.

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The G uses an optical sensor. With a resolution between , DPI and a Hz polling rate.

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Making it super smooth, responsive and accurate. Sensitivity can be controlled with a button above the mouse toggle wheel with 3 presets. Alternately sensor settings can be adjusted in your computer settings.